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Fifa sanctions maradona for giving nigeria ‘two middle fingers’ at worldcup match

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The international football governing body (FIFA) has decided to punish Diego Maradona in regard to his recent act of misconduct at the match between argentina and nigeria where he was caught on camera giving two middle fingers to fans after Marcos Rojo scored the winning goal against the super eagles as argentina won 2-1.

Maradona ends up in hospital shortly after giving naija 'double middle finger' at yesterday's match

To this effect Maradona will no longer be paid as an ambassador of FIFA.

The football governing body has termed his behaviour as disgracing and provocative hence he will no longer receive the normal £10,000 he is entitled to as an ambassador of the body.

It would be remebered that the ex footballer also collapsed after ignoring doctors advise not to watch the final minutes of the match.

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FIFA has also advised him to be of good conduct in the remaining games he will be present at the World Cup.


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Maradona ends up in hospital shortly after giving super eagles ‘double middle finger’ in world cup match

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