Just like Nigerian goal keeper, very mature looking Ethopian runner claims 16-year-old omoge

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An ethopian runner, Girmawit Gebrzihair, has caused another very serious argument session on social media as fans begin to question the veracity of her supposed age after pictures of her performing at the world U20 championship went viral.

The runner,  who according the international Association of Athletics Federations (IAAF), was born in November 2001, has been critized by internet users who refuse to believe,  saying that she does not look like a 16-year-old teenager.

She became a topic of discussion on tuesday after she finished third in the women’s 5000m race, in Finland. .

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“Her children/grandchildren in the stands are watching her competing at the U20 World Cup,”  according to a post by Oscar Husillos, a Spanish sprinter.

Giving the surrounding controversies around the runner’s age, the IAAF is yet to make any official statement on the cass.

See her

Girmawit Gebrzihair
I6 year old ethopian runner

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