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i want to go back to prison so i can rest and see if god will change me – suspected robber

i want to go back to prison so i can rest and see if god will change me – suspected robber

A carefree robber surprised every one at a court in lagos after he expressed a feeling of joy when the court ordered him to be remanded in custody.

Mr. Walter Ogwu, 38, who hails from delta was arrested again for stealing a phone belonging to one miss lydia in shop at Ago palace way, okota, lagos.

The excited Ogwu said he was used to the prison condition and had gone to prison several times for stealing before his last arrest.

Infact he opened up and explained to the court why he preferred to stay in prison for the now, “i want to have some rest and know if God will also change me to become a normal person in the society”. he said

He  said he started stealing some years ago after he had completed his training as an apprentice mechanic and started his own in Ajegunle area of Lagos where he resided with his parents. Ogwu said that he was surprised that he was not getting any job despite the fact that he was good in repairs, this made him venture into robbery which became a habit which he couldn’t control.

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He also revealed that he went from place to place to steal but met his waterloo at Okota where he was nearly lynched after he stole a phone and attempted to escape.

When asked by a PM express correspondent if he had contacted his parents, he said that he will not contact them because they had known about his bad habits and were tired of him. He affirmed that if he gets the opportunity to be a changed person, he will change to the surprise of his family.

The case was adjourn to the 16th of july 2018 to enable presentation of more facts before he is sentenced. The Presiding Magistrate, Mrs. O.A. Teluwo ordered that mr ogwu be remanded in police custody.

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