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Baby put under trailer’s wheel to be crushed by mother rescued

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A 3-month-old baby boy has been saved after his mother Aisha Yau, attempted to kill him by putting him under a trailer’s wheel.

The mother and the baby were said to have been residing under the popular Kawo bridge. When all of a sudden she attempted to take her baby’s life.

She put the child under a trailer which was about to take off, and was seeing persuading the driver to start the engine quickly.

Unfortunately for her and has nature would have it, a passerby quickly drew the attention of the commissioner to the scene.

Aisha said, she could not explain how she found herself in Kaduna. .

She said that it was the insurgency in her state, Taraba, that scattered her family members and she hasn’t been able to trace any of them

she revealed that one of her suitors got her pregnant and refused to take responsibility, so she wanted to get rid of the baby to cover her shame.

Speaking with newsmen, the commissioner said she has directed social department in her ministry to take Aisha to the hospital for medical examination and treatment before sending her and the baby back to thier hometown, taraba state.

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