‘I think i want to start advocating for homosexuals in Nigeria’ – charly boy

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Singer and area papa, Charly Boy, has come out to say he wants to start advocating  for the Lesbians, Gays, Bisexuals and transgender people in nigeria.

This is coming few days after his daughter came out in a new video showing off her lesbian partner, who was seen licking her ear.

He said in the past, he had advocated for okada men, muscians amongst others and now its time to speak up for the homsexual people.

Charly boy took to his instagram to share this write up.

'I think i want to start advocating for homosexuals in Nigeria' - charly boy

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well his lesbian daughter didn’t seem excited as she later threw shades at him today, saying that after blocking her his social media platforms and refusing to speak to her, now he claims to be fighthing on behalf of gays.

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