Confusion in emotan hostel AAU as girl assemble roommates pads, hair to prepare charm for them

emotan hostel AAU

There was confusion yesterday in emotan hostel ambrose ali university(AAU), after an unnamed student’s evil deeds were exposed.

The incident happened in the evening after a charm was discovered in the bag of a girl who assembled various items from her roomies after several complains about her items getting stolen in the room.

According to an interview with one of the roommate who said to have been praying while studying, that something led her to open the bag of her roommate.

” I resisted but was fully moved to do so, i had to suspend what i was doing and open the bag, and to my greatest surprise, i found some prepared charm’s there and screamed before people gathered”.

Items constituting this charm were;

pads, Sand from the roommates and Hair from each of them.

The items where all wrapped in red and black cloth and was tied with a thread and a note listing names of the occupants of the room and a certain quote written in hausa language.

Confusion in emotan hostel AAU as girl assemble roomates pads hair to prepare charm for them
emotan hostel AAU

All fingers were pointing at a certain fair and tall girl who resides in the same room, the suspect however refused interview as she looked ashamed.

Effort to speak with the hostel governor proved abortive as she was not on seat.

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