‘I prefer sleeping with cows because girls can give me hiv’ – man caught harrassing his niegbhour’s cow

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A kenyan man was on wednesday caught in the act of bestiality, after he had successfully had his way with his neigbour’s cow.

John Mwaura, 29, was reportedly caught red handed after he sneaked into his neighbour’s compound to sexaully harrass an innocent cow.

While been qeustion by the locals, the bachelor confessed to commiting the crime, stating that he had slept with four other cows in the community.

“It is not my first time. I have had sex with four other cows in Ndunduri and Wanyororo. I am pleading for mercy,” he said.

Luck ran out on john when the house owner came back from the farm and sighted him zipping his pants after commiting the act.

She then decended on him with blows and slaps and called on nearby residents.

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“Don’t kill me…i will surrender my piece of land to pay for the cow,”He said. “I always have sex with the cow whenever I feel like because I fear girls might infect me with HIV.”

Marwa howerver said his conji overtook him which lead him to commit the act given that he is single.

He pleaded guilty to the offence in Court and the case was adjorn till 26th july 2018.


'I prefer sleeping with cows because girls can give me hiv' - man caught harrassing his niegbhour's cow opens up

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