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Woman jailed for bewitching her husband’s penis



A lady has been sentenced to 13months in prison by a magistrate court in zimbabwe after her husband took her to court on the grounds of him not been able to have erection anytime he atempt to meet with his other wife.

Godwishes Magarira of Makanda Village in Gutu, who is married to two wifes, took Memory Shiri, 24, his second wife before a court in the town.

He pleaded with Magistrate to punish his wife Shiri for bewitching him and causing  his ‘manhood’ not to function properly whenever he is with his other wife.

He accused Shiri of boasting that she can control his sex life, and provided medical examination report that he was not having any sexual problem.

It was also reported to the court that in 2016 he approached Shiri and asked her why he fails to have an erection whenever he wants to have sex with the first wife and Shiri answered “ndakakusunga” which means in english “i bewitched you”.

She was then asked to undo the vodoo, Shiri then broght out a pin and a needle which were tied together and untied them while Magarira was watching and she told him that the problem has been resolved from now on.

Howerver, she has been sentenced to 13months in prision, and the sentenced would be suspended if she performs 445 hours of community service as witchcraft is not condoned under the zimbawe constitution.

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