Out of frustration, Colombian drug cartel places $70k bounty on sniffing dog’s head for continually exposing them

A talented sniffer police dog known as sombra has recenlty landed her self in trouble after a feared colombian drug cartel placed a seventy thousand dollar bounty on her head for consistently exposing thier activities, leading to loss of millions of of dollars and tons of cocaine for the cartel.

Sombra(meaning shadow in english) 6, whose sniffing talent has lead to the capture of more than 245 drug peddlers, recently attracted the attention of the dangerous Urabeños cartel headed by Dairo Antonio Úsuga, alias “Otoniel,” after her skills lead to the seizure of their big shipment.

The drug mafia then placed a 200 million pesos ($70k or about N24.85M ) on her head for anyone who is able to apprehend or kill the dog.

“Sombra’s life is in danger, both she and her handler, jose Rojas have been flown to Bogota’s El Dorado airport for saftey reasons, and she’s been constantly gaurded by police officers” colombian anti-narcotics police said.

However it turns out, it is clear that the colombian drug cartel leader, otoniel, who is one of the most wanted men in the country, wants the innocent sombra out of his way.

According to reports the dog’s sniffing abilities has lead to the seizure of 9 metric tons of his ‘coke’, and anyway they try to conceal it, the dog has its ways of sniffing it out.

We hope she survives this trying times.

Dr Josh

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