Most people tell lies about SARS attack on social media to seek relevance – Police PRO badmus

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Police Chief superintendent and PRO of zone 2, ifedolapo Badmus has voiced her own opinion on the movement to end sars, describing it as been overhyped on social media.

In an interview on the increased rate of sars brutality with the vanguard, she said;

‘We are aware that bad news spread faster than good news. People have been lying about SARS attack on the social media.

I am a Zonal PRO of the Force and I have noticed that people make up stories even when there is no confrontation at all. Most people somehow, do this to seek relevance on the social media.

Even some celebrities are doing it. The issue has even extented to the other members of the Police Force, when a normal Policeman did anything uncalled for, they tag it SARS.

This kind of act is sending a negative picture to the international community about Nigerian Police. We don’t have any other country other than Nigeria, and whatever we do reflects on us a country

The negative effects rub off Policemen. When we are outside the country, they see us as corrupt officers due to social media postings.

I have spoken to stakeholders in this Endsars campaign group, advising them that there are other methods that can be employed in achieving thier goals without using social media platform to escalate the issue.

SARS integrity has been projected in a negative form to those leaving abroad, and even some people are afraid to visit home with the mindset that SARS will attack them’.

Dr Josh

Written by Dr Josh

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