Cultists who surrendered their lives and weapons to the Jesus, Graduate from bible school

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A set Cultists and Militants who surrendered thier lives to jesus christ after been arrested by the holyspirit in a church service at salvation ministries have graduated from bible school.

The news was shared by the pastor of the ministry, who took to twitter to break the goodnews to nigerians.

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Recall that this men were arrested by the holyghost in a church service, were they surrendered thier weapons and charms which they used to perpetuate evil enterprise to the police command.

They were prayed for by the senior pastor of the minsitry and have since then been gromed in the way of they lord and society.

They are new persons and walk in the power of jesus. Many of them say that after receiving jesus, they wish they didn’t even do the things they did.

See photos of their graduation ceremony below

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When they repented

We thank God for their lives.

Dr Josh

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