Desperate armed robbers cart away with Entire ATM in Southafrica (video)

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A group seven of desperate armed robbers last week in South Africa reportedly broke into a supermarket and carted away with not just money from an automated teller machine, but the entire machine itself.

As seen on a video clip which was pulled up from the CCTV camera at the mall, the robbers brought in a truck into the hall and after scaring customers with guns, lifted the full machine into the truck and zoomed off.

According to officials, no live was lost and no explosives were used during the robbery operation, as robbers came strictly for the money.

The incident took place on Wednesday 1st of august and police operatives have ensured the the public that the perpetrators of the crime would be brought to justice soon as they may be able to track the thieves through facial recognition.

The ATM which was stolen was loaded with cash shortly before it was hijacked.

watch video here

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