Lady arrested, charged to court after stealing money from mother’s accounts and spending on Boyfriend

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A kenya student, Cynthia Cherop has been charged to court for stealing Sh70,000 from two of her mother’s bank accounts and lavishing the entire money on her lover, josephat Ng’ang’a.

She stole the sum from both barclay’s and national bank accounts belonging to her mother.

CCTV footage at barclay’s bank captured the moment when she and her lover exited the bank after withdrawing part of the money.

It was reported that her boyfriend, josephat later threatened to beat up her mother, Milka Chebosisi Sitati, should she talk about it.

Cynthia pleaded guilty to the charges and the State prosecutor, Solomon Naulikha, asked the court to treat the accused as a first offender and give her probation. In the meantime, the magistrate has directed that a probation report be brought forward.

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