Shocking; lady narrates how 100k a customer paid changed into something else after she left(video)

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A Nigerian lady, the owner of a shop and general society have been left perplexed after N100k was converted into 5 naira notes and the likes.

The shocking event happened in lagos after a customer who reportedly bought good worth a hundred thousand naira from a shop, paid in cash but after exiting the shop, the money changed into lesser denominations.

The incident of people’s money disappearing is on the high, especailly in lagos, just yesterday media personality, tunde alabi, narrated how 50% of the dollars he went to change in front of  airport hotel, ikeja got missing, even after he counted the complete money while leaving the exchange point.

Due to a little technical issue, we cannot drop a direct link to the video. Pls bear with us.

But you can check up the video here

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