Father And Son Apprehended While Trying To Butcher Stolen Dog

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A man and his son have been apprehended by the police in nothern region of Nigeria while in the process of butchering a dog which they stole.

According to Usman Ali who shared the story, they were both nabbed following a tip-off by an eyewitness who saw how the incident played out.

They were then tailed to their hideout where they were about butchering their loot.

The duo confessed during police interrogation that they wanted to sell parts of the dog to raise money to fend for themselves, so they ventured into stealing the animal.

Alot of persons have pleaded that they be set free, looking at their condition some say hunger was the driving force behind the act.

They both have both been remanded in police custody as they await trial.


Father And Son Apprehended While Trying To Butcher Stolen Dog

Do you think they deserve to be punished for the crime?

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