See how Nigerian man exposed his Ex who tried to collect “abortion fee” from him with fake pregnancy

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A nigerian man by twitter name @yeankhar, decided to share with the public how he recently escaped extortion from his ex girlfriend who tried to drain him by transfering the responsibility of a fake pregnancy to him, with the aim of collecting “abortion fee”.

In his exact tweet “ if any girl wants to fake any useless pregnancy for you, read this thread and see how I outsmarted one of them.

So Aunty came to me and said she missed her period and after doing a test, she found out that she was pregnant. I began to sweat inside a/c but I was cautious with my first reaction coz I know these things natter to ladies a lot. I was like are you sure, she replied in the affirmative.

Guy, I was scared as hell but I told her it’s cool and I’ll live to have a pretty baby like her… But in mind, hmmn lol. She was like no she can’t keep this baby, she wanted to abort. As I’m against abortion, I told her we would face the consequences together that we should keep it…

Aunty kept asking for abortion money… I became suspicious. Then I told her I would give her the money the next day. Outside her knowledge, I went to the pharmacy, I bought 4 ptest sticks… 50naira for one… I his it well.. We slept and around 4 a.m she woke to gan pee… Me that didn’t sleep… I called her back to come pee in a bowl beside the bed.

After several back and forth, she agreed to pee inside the bowl… Not one of them brought two lines(which is an indication for pregnancy tho)…. The way I looked at her ehn.

She argued again that it could fluctuate or something… I agreed… Next day bought 4 more ptest sticks… shebi na just 200naira…we used it and same results…

She blamed it on the “clinic she did the test at”…. I said OK but inside I laughed like mad.”

He added some piece of advice for young men out there and a word for the ladies too “ please gentlemen, most times these ladies are just trying ri extort you. I know many ladies will hate me for this thread but guess what…. “I’m sad”.”

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