To blow in the Nigerian music industry is either you are a yahoo boy or you have a sponsor —Singer Weflo

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At an interview in an event in Lagos, Nigerian singer, Weflo while speaking on his trending video ‘Ise’-(work) was asked why most Nigerian upcoming artists are deep in fraud, “yahoo scam”.

Weflo blamed it on the Nigerian music industry, stating that the industry is not conducive for these upcoming artists as they need to either have a sponsor or get the money any other way.


Weflo added that although he is sponsored by his parents, many other artistes do not have such opportunities, so venture have to sort for other means


In his words, “If an upcoming artiste does not have anyone backing him financially, he will be depending on only fate to even get attention. Studio fees alone will not allow you to be able to express all your talent. It will restrict you from doing as many songs as you want. Your hit song is probably among the ones you haven’t yet have money to record. When time comes to promote the audio, the media will cut your neck and you may eventually not be able to promote the song.

“Don’t even let me start with video directors; sometimes to get a standard video shoot at N1 Million, you have to beg directors. Don’t also talk about DJs, radio stations and Alaba mix etc. .

For every 20 successful artistes making waves, there are probably more than 200 thousand others looking up to God for studio fees. So since you have asked, I will say that’s probably why a lot of artistes are into Yahoo and all sorts to raise money; but it’s not in my place to judge anyone.

But truth is if you find an upcoming artistes who is shooting all types of internationally standard videos and spends so much promoting them, he either has a sponsor or makes his money the other way.

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Maybe if you earn a 7-figure salary, but how many youths in Nigeria earn a 7-figure salary? And the ones that do are most likely not into music. .

But they are few exceptions where the song can just go viral without any major effort or.” He added.

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