Man reported missing by partner, found days later enjoying honeymoon with new wife

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A British man who was reported missing by his partner, has been discovered  few days later married to another woman in Utah USA.

The man identified as Malcolm McGregor, 38, told his patner Cheryl Cowie(his love since childhood) that he was visiting a relative in kilmanork a town not too far from their town in scotland, only to find out that he flew to Utah USA about 700km from their home and is currently enjoying his honeymoon after getting married to another lady identified as Bell Valek.

According to the sun, Malcom’s location was exposed in their wedding  pictures which were posted online few days after the cops were alerted of his absence

“To say his family are devastated is an understatement,” a friend of Ms Cowie, 37, said. “They just don’t know what’s got into him.” It is believed that he hooked up with Ms Valek on Facebook.

Mr McGregor has not returned home from the brief visit he left home for since on the 20th of july.

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