Shock as pastor who thought ‘no harm shall come to him’ while preaching with snake lands in hospital after been bitten

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The pastor of ‘The Full gospel tabernacle in jesus Name’ Kenchuky, Pastor cody coots, has been reportedly rushed to the hospital were he is battled to survive after recieving a bite from the snake he was preaching with.

The church which is known to operate with the Mark 16:18 mandate “They will pick up serpents, and if they drink any deadly poison, it will not hurt them.”, was thrown in shock after the man of God went down from the snake bite.

According to reports, His father, Jamie colts died at age 42 within seven minutes from a snake bite during a sermon. It was said that before he died, he asked that the lord’s will be done.

It was in an attempt to succeed his father in their family belief that pastor Cody requested from his congregation during a sermon that if he is bitten, he should be taken to the mountaintop and left to lord to decide whether he will live or die.

He was later rescued by a man called Big Cody and some other church members came and rushed the preacher to the hospital after the snake eventually bit him

Although Big Cody had disobeyed the preachers instruction, he said he remembers when Jamie Coots was bitten couldn’t let same happen with his son

Cody Coots who’s currently undergoing treatment says after this trauma, he’s going to rethink the practice of snake handling in his religious services.


Shock as pastor who thought 'no harm shall come to him' while preaching with snake lands in hospital after been bitten

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