Shock as Woman Gives Birth to Baby with one eye in the middle of her forehead

Mr Atana Ariyanto, a citizen of Java Island in Indonesia, had the shock of his life on when his wife Suriyanta delivered a ‘cyclops’ baby with one eye just in the middle of her forehead.

From reports, the Atanas welcomed their fifth child, a baby girl, at at the Rumah Sakit Umum Daerah Hospital of Mandailing Natal district in North Sumatra on Thursday. Mrs Atana was said to have had her baby through a natural delivery process.

The baby weighed 5 lbs, had only one eye in the middle of her forehead, nose missing and had all other organs complete. Doctors hurriedly placed the baby under intensive care and a team of medical staff from the hospital checked up on her every 15 minutes but unfortunately she passed away about 7 hours later, same day of her birth.

The head of the Mandailing Natal District Health office, Dr Syarifuddin Nasution reported that “The baby girl was born in a condition of abnormalities.

“We had to put the oxygen hose from the mouth because there was no nose. Babies with these conditions are usually born by caesarean section. In general, such babies experience respiratory problems and heartburn because their heart rate is below 100 per minute.

He added: “This is a very rare case,if her condition had improved, we would have referred her to Medan but we were aware that the baby had a very short life expectancy.”

The doctor suspects that the cause of the baby’s anomalies may be due to exposure to mercury and the Rubella virus. He suspected this because the parents of the late baby live in the Kayu Jati village, Panyabungan City District and they work in one of the mines.

photos; (Warning images may be disturbing)

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