Tears as Father mistakenly kills son while reversing his car

A US based Kenyan family are passing through what can be described as the worst and most painful moment of their lives as the father of the house, Mr Dan Mutuma mistakenly crushed and killed their 18-month old son, Mishael Mutuma while he was reversing his car to leave for work.

The sad event occured when mr Dan who is a nurse, left his house earlier in the morning to the university where he had an ongoing project but returnd to pick up some documents which he had forgotten.

After pickin up the documents, he kissed his wife and left for his car. His wife was watching their twin babies while her mother was in the kitchen when Mr Mutuma left. Unknowingly to them their other son, Mishael had sneaked off to follow his dad.

Mr Mutuma’s brother-in-law Ezra Kamencu Mingaine reported that the sad incident has left the young family in pain and distress.

He said; “It is so painful to the entire family and especially to the father to have crushed his own son. There is no way he could have seen the kid who was playing behind. The child had run unnoticed behind the vehicle as the father was reversing”.

“The mother-in-law was in the kitchen while the wife was tending to the other twin children. It was so painful, nobody could be blamed for it”.

Mr Mingaine added that the young boy will be laid to rest in the US but a date has not yet been fixed. He also advised motorists to always check their vehicles before driving off to prevent such accidents from happening.

Tears as man mistakenly kill son while reversing his car

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