Goat escapes from ritualist den with a knife lodged in its back

A goat has been rescued after managing to escape from a ritualist den with a knife lodged in its back.

The goat was rescued at the popular tourist beach in Camps Bay, the Cape of Good Hope, South Africa, when a police officer who was doing standard patrols found her on the beach in between some rocks, trying to hide, covered in blood from the penetration.

Items recovered from the goat’s body include, a black dagger, with red cloth tied around the wooden handle and what appeared to be hair knotted into the fabric.

According to police spokesperson, Abraham belinda, revealed that even after losing much blood, she is expected to make a full recovery soon. It appears the animal was to be used for a ritual sacrifice she added.

The goat was then transported to the SPCA hospital, where the dagger was removed.

The police are now looking for the perpetrators of the act while the poor goat is struggling to recover.

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Goat escapes from ritualist den with a knife lodged in its back

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