Prospective UBTH consultant slumps and dies inside hospital

A senior resident doctor in General Surgery unit at the universtiy of benin teaching hospital (UBTH), Dr Egigba, has reportedly lost his life while he was on call yesterday he at the hospital.

According to exclusive information gathered by Dockaysworld, Dr egigba had gone to take a brief nap in his office after attending to his patients last night when placed a phone call to one of his coleauges that he wasn’t feeling too well.

On getting his office, dr edigba was found crawling and grasping for breathe and was quickly rushed to the A&E ward of the hospital where manual CPR/Massage was attempted as the defibrillator failed to failed to function.

Doctor egigba then lost his life after attempts to resusticate him by his mates proved abortive.

Exact reasons for the cause of his death is yet to be asertained as autopsy is yet to be carried out, but it is believed to be associated with cardiac faliure and non-stop stress as the doctor is “on call” most of the time.

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Doctor egigba who is one of the most senior resident doctor in the unit, was only a few months away from writting his PART 2 exams which would make him a consultant surgeon.

He is survived by his wife and his little children.


Prospective UBTH consultant slumps and dies inside hospital Prospective UBTH consultant slumps and dies inside hospital

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