Zwerl Heysphere Apk Review – Is Zwerl Legit or Scam

Zwerl Heysphere Apk Review – Is Zwerl Legit or Scam??

Zwerl Heysphere Apk Review - Is Zwerl Legit or Scam
Is Zwerl Legit or Scam?

The company called Zwerl or Hey sphere says “it is a free chat app where you get rewarded for sharing knowledge”.

Well, our team have reviewed and found out some very important information the company or anyone would not tell you, and this review will not only expose this, it will help everyone globally decide if zwerl or heysphere is legit to participate on or scam.

Educational Topics the App Covers

The app covers topics on academics, health, dating, cooking, fashion, translation, travel, coding, finance,pets, movies, men’s fashion, wine, job interview tips, New York, betting, electronics, C++, math, marketing, fitness, and much more.

The Features of Zwerl App

* Chat for free to over 10,000 persons and get paid.
* Answer other people’s questions and get paid for sharing your knowledge!
* Get help from groups of knowledgeable people when you have a question to ask.
* Send photos to illustrate your question and get better answers.
* Favorite people to chat to them whenever you want efficiently.
* Join the app rooms to chat with everyone on Zwerl about your interests.

Is Zwerl App Legit or Scam

That question has being asked so many times and that the primary purpose of this article. The app like all other online earning program has not mentioned anything negative but our team have some important information to share.

  1. Earning from the site is possible but very low.
  2. The site primarily is for education and not earning, our team believes the earning is to attract massive users.
  3. The apps is very flexible and compatible on all devices.
  4. The app has an earning breaking point, that is $700.
  5. Though we do not deny the fact it has paid out, our team is yet to see an evidence.

About Zwerl Apk File

The app was last updated on the 30th of October, 2018. It size is only 9.1mb and it currently has over 100,000+ downloads on Google Play Store.

The current version for this apk file is v3.11.10. And it works compatible from Android 4.4 upwards.

Developer Address :

170 Providence Square,

SE1 2EF,



So we Encourage Users to Join, not with the Primary Aim to Earn, but an Aim to Learn and Benefit Educationally, then Paid as a Bonus.

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