Is Cash Awoof Nigeria Legit or Scam: A Review and Exposed Information

Is Cash Awoof Nigeria Legit or Scam ?The complete cash Awoof Review


Is Cash Awoof Nigeria Legit or Scam : A Review and Exposed Information
Cash awoof review

With over 2000 ponzi schemes all online, knowing the safest one is pretty hard. Many have popped up with good looking agenda and plans, only to scam and run off.

This article review about cash awoof from Dockayworld is going to expose what the public needs to know before spending their time and money in vain.

What is Cash Awoof Nigeria

Cash Awoof is an online social system where users are paid to carry out activities which includes, reading online news commenting on posted news, taking online quiz, adding friends, uploading photos, watching online videos, among others.

Our team have done some secret findings and revealed this app “USER RISKY”.

How Cash Awoof Nigeria Pays

First Level Earnings:

Earning for Registrations : ₦1000
Daily Login : ₦50
Earnings for each comments : ₦2 Earnings for clicking links : ₦100
Earning for Referral :₦100

Second Level Earning:

Uploading Profile Photo : ₦20
Uploading Cover Photo : ₦20
Accepting Friend Request :₦1

Commenting unnecessarily and spamming could get a user account banned.

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Why is Cash Awoof Risky

Any online business without an office already tenders itself risky. Not only does Cash Awoof lack a precise location or office, they also have all communication to the admin nolified.

Our team got to him across a chat and he says he stays in Dubai but controls a Nigerian online earning system. So in one sentence below,

Join Cash Awoof At Your Own Cost!!!

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