Ranked: The Top 5 current premier league stars you might forget cost less than £10m

Premier League clubs are flush with cash and they aren’t afraid to spend it.

No league on earth can compete with the Premier League in terms of average spending power. Sure, other competitions have huge spenders at the top of the table but the Premier League has money up and down the division.

This often leads to Premier League sides overpaying for players, and values being inflated. It’s gotten to the point where Liverpool paying £38.4m for Mo salah is genuinely seen as a bargain, because a talent like his could easily fetch more than twice that.

But there are some good deals out there, genuinely good deals. The kind of transfers that would have been seen as good deals even a decade ago. Ladies and gentlemen, here are 5 great Premier League players you may forget cost less than £10m. Yes, £10m!



To Liverpool for free in 2015

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James Milner seems like such a part of the furniture at Anfield that if you told people he’d been there his whole career having signed from Leeds as a teenager they’d probably believe you. But no, he’s been all over the place, won two titles with Manchester City and then in a very Serie A move, joined rivals(ish) Liverpool on a free transfer! He’s been an absolute warrior for the Reds since then, delivering great value
for money.


To Chelsea for £7m in 2012

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Once a white-hot prospect at Osasuna, a move to Marseille and a bad injury derailed Azpilicueta’s progression. This allowed Chelsea to take a chance on the full-back, spending just £7m to bring him to West London. Since then he has morphed into one of the most consistent defenders around; able to play right or left-back as well as centre-back too. An absolute legend of Chelsea Football Club.



To Liechester for £6m in 2015

IMG 20181219 193422 239

Yes, technically Kanté cost his current club £30m but you can’t do a list about Premier League players costing less than £10m and not include working-class Muslim hero to the people of basically everywhere, N’Golo Kanté. One of the loveliest men in football (humble enough to dine with fans and too honest to cheat on his taxes ), Kanté is also a phenomenal, almost supernatural, defensive presence.

Kanté cost Leicester just £5.6m in 2015 and a year later he was a Premier League Champion. Obviously there was more at play but Leicester with Kanté were England’s Atlético Madrid. Oh, and he’s since gone on to win a World Cup, because of course he has.


To Spurs for £5m in 2015.

Ranked: The Top 5 current premier league stars you might forget cost less than £10

It’s easy to forget because he’s so young, but Dele Alli is not a Spurs youth product. No, he was signed from MK Dons when he was just 18 and was an almost instant hit for Spurs. At the end of his second season with Spurs he was 21 years old and had 33 goals in 98
games. From midfield. He was and is an awesome talent that somehow Daniel Levy only had to fork out £5m for.



To Liverpool for £8m in 2017

Ranked: The Top 5 current premier league stars you might forget cost less than £10

Is there any better left back in Europe currently better than Robertson?

Signed from a relegated club Robertson may not have the experience behind him yet but his performances for Liverpool since signing from Hull have been remarkable in that none of it feels remarkable. You watch Robertson play and think “yup, he’s class” and you just assume he’s from Liverpool’s academy,
because if the Reds had signed a player that good it would have surely cost a bundle and you’d have heard all about it. But no, £8m. That’s all.

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