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Forbidden Passion 2 (Final episode)



He’s slow to respond and that made me believe he’s totally hiding something . “That doesn’t matter anyway I just need to find a way to take the video down.” I said to myself.

“I hate you for everything Gerald” I said angrily.

“Babe, I’m so sorry” He said trying to make cute puppy eyes. Trust me, it’s not working at least not this time.

He comes at me sympathetically but still it just made my blood boil more. I tried my best not to hit him instead I just pushed him away.

“C’mon, I’m apologizing, aren’t I?” He said trying to turn the tables.

“You should have thought of that before involving me in your bet.” I said really loudly.

“Jezz, I’m tired of us and I don’t know why and don’t take that in the wrong way.” He told me. “I can’t believe he just said that. Most of my friends always tell me I overreact but wait, he just said not to take it in the wrong way. What other way doesn’t he expect me to take it as?” All the thoughts were running through my mind. My heart was silent but I need to respond to him.

“Let me ease your heartache then, it’s over!” I said walking out the door. I don’t hear him running after me and that’s obviously the sign I needed to assure me I made the right decision.

My eyes were heavy but still dry and my my heart was hurting but that anger and pain is definitely what I need to face Richard.


“Now tell me why you did that Richard?” I asked calmy. We’ve been friends for quite a while and yelling isn’t the key. He deserves more than that at least for now.

“I’m really sorry Isabel, it’s just…” He tried explaining but I stopped him.

“I really don’t want to listen to your essay and your crappy ass apology anymore. Just take it down, here and now.” I said again with a little rise in tone.

“I deserve that much right, it’s been a really long night.” I said to him.

I watched him as he unlocked his phone and straight to his gallery and deleted the video and took it down from Instagram. After he was done I turned to leave and still he was apologizing but I didn’t listen. I was just determined to get home.

“At least it’s Instagram so only a few people would have the video and being ostracized by a few people or supposed friends isn’t really my problem.” I said as I walked down the road in search of a bus.

I’m just down in thoughts. “I’m obsessive but I don’t want this break-up to break me but who am I kidding? It’s going to but I don’t want to admit it” I said. The experience left a scar in my mind anyway.

“My virginity is tainted now and that set me on the road for an adventurous passion.” I said. Most people would say abstinence but no, this just gave me more fuel to set the hunger in others. One that they can’t stop till they taste the forbidden passion, just like I did.

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