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Forbidden Passion 2 (Final episode)



He’s slow to respond and that made me believe he’s totally hiding something . “That doesn’t matter anyway I just need to find a way to take the video down.” I said to myself.

“I hate you for everything Gerald” I said angrily.

“Babe, I’m so sorry” He said trying to make cute puppy eyes. Trust me, it’s not working at least not this time.

He comes at me sympathetically but still it just made my blood boil more. I tried my best not to hit him instead I just pushed him away.

“C’mon, I’m apologizing, aren’t I?” He said trying to turn the tables.

“You should have thought of that before involving me in your bet.” I said really loudly.

“Jezz, I’m tired of us and I don’t know why and don’t take that in the wrong way.” He told me. “I can’t believe he just said that. Most of my friends always tell me I overreact but wait, he just said not to take it in the wrong way. What other way doesn’t he expect me to take it as?” All the thoughts were running through my mind. My heart was silent but I need to respond to him.

“Let me ease your heartache then, it’s over!” I said walking out the door. I don’t hear him running after me and that’s obviously the sign I needed to assure me I made the right decision.

My eyes were heavy but still dry and my my heart was hurting but that anger and pain is definitely what I need to face Richard.


“Now tell me why you did that Richard?” I asked calmy. We’ve been friends for quite a while and yelling isn’t the key. He deserves more than that at least for now.

“I’m really sorry Isabel, it’s just…” He tried explaining but I stopped him.

“I really don’t want to listen to your essay and your crappy ass apology anymore. Just take it down, here and now.” I said again with a little rise in tone.

“I deserve that much right, it’s been a really long night.” I said to him.

I watched him as he unlocked his phone and straight to his gallery and deleted the video and took it down from Instagram. After he was done I turned to leave and still he was apologizing but I didn’t listen. I was just determined to get home.

“At least it’s Instagram so only a few people would have the video and being ostracized by a few people or supposed friends isn’t really my problem.” I said as I walked down the road in search of a bus.

I’m just down in thoughts. “I’m obsessive but I don’t want this break-up to break me but who am I kidding? It’s going to but I don’t want to admit it” I said. The experience left a scar in my mind anyway.

“My virginity is tainted now and that set me on the road for an adventurous passion.” I said. Most people would say abstinence but no, this just gave me more fuel to set the hunger in others. One that they can’t stop till they taste the forbidden passion, just like I did.

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Forbidden Passion 2 (Episode 4)



I tried my best to act cool till the party. It’s the perfect place to get Gerald and Richard in the same place at the time.

The party was done at Caleb’s house. It obviously couldn’t be done at mine or Richard’s because I’d definitely get caught by my parents and his parents wouldn’t want that. So Caleb’s place was the best. I just told my parents I had a vigil to go for so they agreed.

It was all set. Different mix of alcohols and the music. Of course, the perfect music. Everyone was rocking on the dance floor , most of them with random hook-ups and some with their girlfriends.

“Well that didn’t matter to me, I was hell bent on taking him away from his party but how?” I asked myself.

“Seduction surely” I thought.

I walked close to him like I wanted to dance and I started playing the flirtatious card.


I lulled him to a free room upstairs. The second he entered, I closed the door.

“Now I’m ready for my gift babe” He said smirking at me.

“Lay on my bed and close your eyes so I can take your clothes off” I said to him feigning a smile.

He did just as I asked and once he closed his eyes, I undid the buttons from his shirt and eased the trouser from his waist.

I grabbed her d*ck and twisted it as hard as I could and he yelled in pain and pushed me away.

“Well that’s what you get for the what you did.” I said.

“Which is?” He asked dumbfounded. I explained and showed him the video. Well I don’t know if he knew about it before from the way he acted or it’s all just in the script.

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Forbidden Passion 2 (Episode 2)



“Yes I’m all ears” I said anxiously but still I didn’t want him to say anything. What do I do if he brings it up?

“No defense in this” I said a little tad loud.

He definitely heard me but he didn’t say anything. His silence is killing me, the whole suspense is terrible.

“Yeah, it’s about Richard” He said.

“He definitely knows about this” I thought.

My heart skipped a beat. Maybe he’d find out but not like this and definitely not now. It’d bruise his ego for sure.

“I found out about the surprise you were planning for my birthday from Richard. It wasn’t that hard. Man, he can’t keep a secret.”

Secrets! Oh damn!

I don’t know if I should take that as a relief or as a joke. He obviously knows and he’s playing mind games on me.

“I won’t budge, I can’t” I muttered.

“That your friend is so good and yet a spoiler. You can’t trust him with a secret” I chuckled.

“Yeah, he definitely can’t but is that all there is ” He said with a sudden change in tone.

“Is there anything else you want me to admit?” I asked.

“No nothing just that you had s3x with my friend” He said in fury.

My heart froze.

“Well… I didn’t have s3x with him. I’m sorry. Let me try and explain what happened” I said.

“Save it. It was a test and you failed” He said to me sadly.

“Wait, what did you just say? I’m just a pawn. Testing me for what?”I asked

“He is really crazy. Now I’m mad, telling your friend to do that to your girlfriend is totally stupid.” I thought.

I was boiling with rage and I don’t even know what to do.

“You acted foolishly and it was a dare but one I expected my girlfriend to pass” He said but with sudden regret in his tone about the last part.

“I’m always calm when angry, but not this time. Definitely not this time.” I thought.

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Forbidden Passion 2 (Episode 3 )



He’s upset that I was angry but I partially had the right to be. We just slept that night and he left first thing in the morning and I still didn’t talk to him.

“Yeah I was wrong but still a dare” I’m definitely not apologizing I thought. Well my parents will be back today.

“Time to clean up” I said as I was started doing the dishes. The kitchen was a real mess, I haven’t cleaned it up since they left. I was done with the dishes, now for some dusting and sweeping.

It was a really big job but I was determined to do it. I channeled my anger into the chores and in no time I was done. I finally took a shower after it was all done.

“What to wear” I said aloud. I was so lousy so I just picked my jade bra and a matching pant and sat in the living room with my laptop.

“I hope they don’t come now, I just need a little mental peace” I thought.


It’s 10pm. My parents got back like three hours ago. “Man, I love the weekends” I said, they aren’t always home most weekends, I said with a smirk.

I’m drawn to reality by my phone. I think this is the second time it’s ringing.

“Hey Becca” I said as I picked up.

“Iz have you watched that video raging since this morning? I’d send you the link” I’ve been so busy I haven’t really had time with my phone.

“No what’s it about? Please don’t send me the link if it’s just another p*rn video” I scoffed.

“Trust you’d love this one” She said as she ended the call.

I was laying on my bed with laptop enjoying free WiFi. She kept to her word and sent the link.

After loading it, well it’s… I was speechless. Someone uploaded the video with a caption ” The ones you don’t expect”.

“The f*ck, how could Gerald do this?” I said in fury.

“How come it’s a video?” I said again.

Richard, you filth… My dad is really social. If he sees this video it’d be the death of me. The episode with Richard was out. I still don’t want to believe he did that.

“What should I do first?” I said extremely dumbfounded.

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