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Senator Dino Melaye raises alarm that Police have forcefully entered his home

Amadin Ogbewe



The Senator representing Kogi West Constituency at the Senate, Dino Melaye, has claimed that his Abuja residence has been forcefully entered by Police after being  under siege for hours.

This comes after the Senator had alerted Nigerians that there was a plan by the Police to arrest and inject him. The Police denied his claims saying that there wasn’t even any order for his arrest. 

The Senator has tweeted that the police have invaded his home and beaten up his security guard, throwing him in a truck.

Senator Ben-Murray Bruce has spoken out against the act asking “is this the price opposition has to pay daily?”

Senator Melaye said via several tweets this evening: 

“All entrances to my residence in Mississippi have been secured by the police that claims there is no order to arrest me.

“One truck by centagon school too. Media and Nigerians take note. We have pictures of those involved.

“They have just zoomed off the trucks leaving three men at the different end of my street wearing black.

“Two trucks with people wearing black in front on centagon school on Mississippi maitama. Toyota Siena at the entrance of Sangha street, gold colour Honda accord roaming the street.

“A man in jallabia have gone forth and back my street more than 10 times.

“Two hilux truck have now blocked my gate with men in mufti numbering 20.

“Cameras recording. They are trying to plant guns in the cars outside. We are watching”.

See Photos below 


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