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Detty December: Man barks like a dog as he nods his head on the ground like a lizard due to Tramadol overdose (viral video)

Amadin Ogbewe



A viral video has been making the rounds on the internet of man barking and flopping on the ground like a lizard due to tramadol overdose.

Recall Dockaysworld reported today, of  another young man who had almost drowned as result of a ‘codeine diet’. Hence, the month has been tagged detty December which is in reference to the unwitting ‘high’ and stained (dirty-detty) red eyes that comes with the abuse.

The video shows onlookers trying to waken the greatly intoxicated man by pouring water on his head. The action instead causes the man to shiver and behave like a variety of animals till he passes out on the ground.

Nigerians have begun to label the scene ‘snake in the monkey shadow’ as one is unsure what more animals the intoxicated man might have in his arsenal. 

Meanwhile another set of people have taken offense to the desecration of Lionel Messi’s jersey which the man wore as he became the real life advertisement for ‘say no to drug abuse’.

He has since been rushed to the hospital for medical care. 


Click to watch video below 

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