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Ranked: The top 5 premier league Goal keepers in 18/19 season

The Premier League is currently host to the two most expensive goalkeepers in the world.

Playing in goal was for so long a thankless task, both in terms of pressure heaped on you but also relative treatment from fans and even owners.

No one appreciated goalkeepers and yet there were precious few players as important as them.

Goalies never commanded the biggest fees, despite their importance to a team. But that situation is finally changing with two colossal moves this summer, Liverpool signing Alisson for £65m and then Chelsea snatching up Kepa Arrizabala for £71.6m.

But just how good have these new arrivals been? Where do they fall within the Premier League’s already fine bounty of goalkeepers?

Read on as dockaysworld breaks down.

5.Kasper Schmeichel (Leicester city)

IMG 20190111 150424 961

“The son becomes the father, and the father? Well, the son.” Jor-El talking about Superman, or Peter Schmeichel talking about son Kasper? The younger Schmeichel, in addition to winning a Premier League title with Leicester of all teams, has now shone in a World Cup. The Dane helped his country make it to the round of 16 and did a huge amount to help them nearly get further.

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4. Kepa Arrizabalaga(Chelsea)

IMG 20190110 092856 308

The most expensive goalkeeper in the world is not the finished article yet; at 24 he still has a lot to learn. At least, that was supposed to be the case. Turns out, his incredible skill-set and nerves of steel have allowed him to handle the pressures of being a Maurizio Sarri goalkeeper with consummate ease. Kepa is one hell of a ‘keeper.

The three most expensive Spanish players ever have been signed by Chelsea:
???????? Kepa Arrizabalaga (£72m)
???????? Álvaro Morata (£60m)
???????? Fernando Torres (£50m)

3 Ederson (Manchester city)

IMG 20190110 092948 391

Brazil’s back-up who could easily be the starter, Ederson was amazing for Manchester City last year as they romped to an incredible 100 point Premier League title. This Brazilian can do it all; from miracle saves on his line to claiming crosses in mid-air to carrying the ball forward and picking out team-mates with pinpoint passes. Ederson is a key part of his side’s defence and their attack, and there are not many goalkeepers who can say that!

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2.Allison Becker (Liverpool)

IMG 20190110 092935 167

What a beard! Alisson enters the Premier League a hirsute sensation already, although he was only the world’s most expensive goalkeeper for a month. Just like his compatriot, he can do everything asked of a modern goalkeeper. Whilst he may not be quite as good as Ederson with the ball at his feet, Alisson’s more traditional goalkeeping attributes are perhaps stronger.

He’s already embarrassed himself with a Cruyff Turn gone wrong but has otherwise provided a consistent and quality shield behind what was already a strong Liverpool defence.

1.David De Gea (Manchester united)

IMG 20190110 092922 498

David De Gea was absolutely out of this world last season. Truly the Messi of goalkeepers, doing utterly impossible things every week. José Mourinho’s much
balleyhooed “second season improvement” was basically just De Gea making miracle saves every single week. That gave the impression that United had a good defence and allowed them to win games with
a less-than-expansive attack.

Of course, he’s not been anywhere near that level this season. Not that he’s been bad; he’s been good, great at times even.

That said, he’s still the best the Premier League has to offer.

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