“Dirty looking ape!” Bobrisky and Lizzy Anjorin collaborate to blast IG troll

Nigerian male barbie, Bobrisky has blasted an IG troll whom he accused of insulting actress Lizzy Anjorin. The actress later joined the blast session, also throwing in a few jabs of her own.

Earlier today, Lizzy Anjorin had praised Bobrisky for his drive to chase poverty away and for gracing her party. 

The troll with username, @controller_777, had allegedly insulted the actress for her support of Bobrisky. Bob took to Instagram to post a picture of the offender at his wedding and proceeded to share insults of his own. 

He attacked the man’s status and surroundings telling him to think about his condition before insulting the actress or himself. 

See what he wrote:

“See this dirty looking ape insulting @lizzyanjorin because she posted me on her page. Look at the house he had his wedding, look at the environment, look at the window, looks at the APC broom in the picture too. Yet this thing wanna insult other people. See his dim eye ???? like Ijegun candle light ????????. I will rather remain single to marry in his environments. Bro next time before you insult Bobrisky that lives in Lekki a big mansion precisely or @lizzyanjorin who is a billionaire look at yourself well and know how much u worth first. 2019 learn how to mind your business pls.”

Lizzy Anjorin would later join the attack when she also posted photos of the user and revealed his IG handle. She accused him of bleaching and asked him to apologize.

“Say thank you and I love you before I vex” she had written

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