Banky W threatens to sue troll for defamation, she threatens to buy his lawyers

Banky W has threatened to sue a troll for defamation of character prompting the bold twitter user to hit back with threats of her own.

Banky said that he had sent screenshots of the troll’s lies against him to his lawyer and that she would have to prove what she had said or go to jail.

The saga started when popular twitter lawyer, Dr. Joe Abah aired his views on the recent suspension of the CJN by President Buhari. He had said that all parties involved in the matter had not acted correctly including, President Buhari, the Code of Conduct Tribunal, the National Judicial Council and Onnoghen himself. 

Dr. Abah was consequently dragged on Twitter for his opinions.

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Banky W who is running for House of representatives under the Modern Democratic Party shared his support for Dr. Abah’s stand on the CJN suspension. This brought him under the ire of twitter users who heaped insults on him. 

One particular troll had taken a step further by accusing Banky W of collecting N57 million Naira to campaign for President Buhari. 

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The accusation did not sit too well with the singer cum politician as he replied that he had sent screenshots to his lawyer and chided people for believing lies without asking for proof. 

In a surprising twist the troll had replied that she had lawyers on standby and dared Mr. W to bring it on. She further tweeted that she could buy Banky’s own lawyers too.

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