I was spending money on stupid stuff – Ice Prince

Jos Town rapper, Panshak aka Ice Prince Zamani has said that he was spending money on ‘stupid stuff’ while he was younger and new to the game. 

Panshak revealed this at the Off-The-Top show where he reminisced about his early days in the music business. 

He said: 

“I was young and naive and all I wanted to do was to just ‘ball’ (spend extravagantly). But credits to my manger who helped me balance my account,” 

“I was spending money on stupid stuffs, yes, but he made sure we acquired a house.”

Iceprince who has come under criticism for dropping non hit songs recently had said that making hit songs is no longer a major concern at the point of his career. 

“As an artiste, you have to get to the point where it’s beyond dropping a hit record. Sometimes, I want to drop a song and talk about my late mom for example. I know that song is not going to be a hit song but I want to put it out,” he explained.

“For me, I got to a point where it’s beyond having a hit song, a point where I want to write (and sing) what comes to mind.”

Panshak also revealed that his status is single for the moment but expressed his desire to start a family someday.

“To be honest, I intend raising a family one day but, right now, I’m mentally not ready. Right now, I’m single,” he said.

Iceprince who was formally in the Chocolate music label now has his own label – Super cool cats. 

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