Masquerade converts to Christianity, becomes an evangelist in 6 months

A man who dons a masquerade costume has now given up the act and converted to Christianity, becoming an evangelist 6 months later. 

The man changed his lifestyle after he was preached to by an evangelist. Following in the footsteps of his converter, the ex masquerade would also become an evangelist. 

The man who won his soul took to Twitter to share the testimony of how it happened.

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Daniel Olawande said:

“Lord led me to preach to a masquerade named Segun.” Segun was immediately converted and was sent to a “Rehabilitation and Discipleship school”. He is now “saved” and has now become an evangelist.

“Today I am the happiest man on earth, 6 months ago, the Lord led me to preach to a masquerade named Segun, He got saved, he went to church and we sent Him to A Rehabilitation and Discipleship school.

Today He is a graduate of the Discipleship school and Rehabilitation. 6 months thoroughly taught in the word of God. Kai

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He is saved and now becoming an evangelist.”

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