Cardi B deletes Instagram account 48 hours after Grammy win

Cardi B has deleted her Instagram account barely 48 hours after becoming the first woman to win Best Rap Album at the 2019 Grammy awards. 

The Latina rapper decided to call it quits with the social media platform after receiving several backlash from fans who must have felt she wasn’t deserving of it.

To the critics, a Latina woman shouldn’t have won that award especially on Black History Month.

However, Cardi B feels she doesn’t deserve the hate she’s getting because she really worked hard to make the album which won her the award.

She said:

“It’s not my style to put other people down to uplift someone else, that’s not my style, that’s not what I’m with and I don’t support that. However, I’ve been taking a lot of sh*t today and I saw a lot sh*t last night and I’m sick of this sh*t. I worked hard for my motherf*cking album. I remember last year when I didn’t win for Bodak Yellow, everybody was like, “Cardi got snubbed” now this year, it’s a f*cking problem? My album went two times platinum, my n*gga!”

She continued:

“I locked myself in the studio for 3 months, my n*gga. Didn’t go to sleep in my bed sometimes for four days pregnant, while everybody was harassing me like, ‘You can’t do it..”

Since reacting to the backlash and sharing the above post, Cardi B has gone missing on Instagram. Her account is no longer found on the platform.

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