CNN under fire for referring to Buhari & Atiku as “old men” who want to rule young people(Photos)

Popular American News outlet, CNN, has come under fire after they referred to President Buhari and Alhaji Atiku as ‘old men’ who want to rule a young population in a news article.

The article was met with mass criticism from Nigerians who felt insulted by the media house. CNN had shared a link to the article on their twitter page. 

They got the most backlash from the social media page as Nigerians blasted them for the insensitive headline and article.

Nigerians pointed out that CNN was hypocritical as the U.S was led by a man who was in his 70’s.

They also drew attention to the last presidential election of the United States where Donald Trump, the current president and Hilary Clinton were the candidates of the two major parties and were also in their 70’s. They pointed out that CNN had not written an article about that.

See screenshots

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Amadin Ogbewe

Written by Amadin Ogbewe

Amadin Ogbewe is a senior news reporter at Dockaysworld. He’s a chemist from the Ancient city of Benin. He enjoys slandering babies and watching sitcoms. He has been published on Fireside fiction magazine, Expound Magazine and others.


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