Nigerian father wages war on University for ordering daughters to loose braids

A Nigerian father, Olayinka Fagbuaro, has waged war on the management of a university after his daughters were forced to loosen their braids.

Fagbuaro however did not mention the name of the University, but was obviously angered at the management staff who is a woman, that ordered the girls to loosen their braids.

He wrote on Facebook:

When some women get intoxicated they lose control totally, my girls were told to loosen a braided hair cos they are looking too much, just ordinary “shuku” hair…. In a university… Who dictates hair style on a campus ….this country and it’s entirety is becoming ridiculous and a complete joke….

He then went further to vow to see the fight till the end, while responding to a comment on his post:

Damilola ‘Damell’ Elliott no Dami trust me it ain’t happening I will fight that evil woman to a stand still, she is a disgrace to the woman race, she is evil and jealous, she is one those women who thrives on bringing other woman down especially when you look better my wife spoke to their president he said they should not and nothing is wrong with the hair….lets see how it ends… Wickness everywhere in this country

See photos 

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