Run for your life, when we come back we’re killing everybody – Watch moment arrested Aye cult member threatened police before he was shot deadaye

A video of an arrested alleged cultist identified as Chinedu Obi, threatening to come back and murder all the officers at the police station has gone viral after he was eventually shot dead.

Some days ago, Chinedu AKA Zinquest who is an aspiring musician and graduate of UNIPORT, was arrested by Policemen after he had an altercation with a shopkeeper.

According to reports, he was also arrested for having tattoos and tinted beard. A video of the young man bleeding to death at the police station had gone viral some days ago.

 A male voice in the video had said he did not deserve to live.

“Let me call my father before I die,” the young man pleaded but his plea was ignored by police officers who ignored his obvious urgent need for medical attention and continued to flash their cameras in his face.

A man, who seemed angry by whatever this young man must have done responded:

“God will punish your father. God will punish your father that you want to talk to”.  

The video ended with this helpless man quiet and lifeless on the ground. No one helped him; both the policemen and those at the scene watched on as he bled out.

They had reported that Zinquest had broken his handcuffs and went on a rampage destroying cars in the station with an axe he had picked up.

The new video which has surfaced online shows that he had threatened to kill all the police officers present when he came back with more cultists.

Watch video 

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