BBNajia Pepper Dem: Mercy destroys Big Brother’s phone, Seyi sniffs Tacha’s body [party recap/videos]

The Big Brother Naija Pepper Dem housemates had their 4th party last night with a whole lot going down including Mercy destroying Biggie’s phone. 

Mercy and Gedoni are now likely to get strikes and possible eviction , if Biggie decides to act on their offence.

A disagreement ensued between Mercy and Gedoni and this resulted in the smashing of Big Brother’s mobile phone.

Things got out of hands after Diane got drunk and Gedoni made a video of the lady while demonstrating during the party.

Mercy, trying to protect her friend, Diane, warned against making video of her drunk friend and threatened to smash the phone if she got hold of it.

Gedoni who clearly did not believe she was going to carry out the threat handed her the phone and Mercy shockingly smashed the gadget to pieces.

Mercy, while defending her action claimed she was provoked into smashing the phone.

She said:

“I warned him not to do video of Diane. I warned him and Ike, but you people dared me. My only regret is that I didn’t smash the phone on his ugly face. Oh my God. I know I’m going to get evicted. I know I f..cked up. I wish they would play the video, cause he provoked me. Gidoni is a woman. It’s only a woman that can do what he did.”

Gedoni, on the other hand claimed he protected Diane more than her so called friend, Mercy at the club.

He said:

” I took Diane to Jackie to keep an eye on her. Her so called friend was not even there. Why would she dare me. I even apologised to her. She asked me to give her the phone that she was going to smash it and I handed it over to her. I’m ready to get even 5 strikes and leave the house if she dares me.”

As it stands, it’s unclear what Big Brother’s decision will be on Sunday as he takes issues of violence seriously.

In the aftermath of the party, Seyi was seen flirting with Tacha and he was captured on video sniffing the housemate’s body.

Seyi who appeared drunk after the party was all over Tacha and could be seen trailing her almost everywhere she went.

While Tacha was speaking with another housemate, Seyi came from behind very close and set his head on her shoulder sniffing her body for as long as 30 seconds.

The duo who had spent the earlier part of the week together in the secret room, seem to be bonding especially after Tacha got ‘born-again’ and turned a new leaf in her relationship with other housemates on the show.

The entire housemates were nominated for eviction last week and it is not clear how many of them will be leaving the show tonight during the Live Eviction show.

Meanwhile the party was fun as always with Mercy dazzling everyone with her twerking though she was without her usual ‘partner in crime’, Tuoyo who was evicted last week. 

Watch videos below


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