I prayed for the kidnappers to fall asleep and God answered me – Abducted RCCG deaconess recounts

A deaconess of the Redeemed Christian Church of God (RCCG), Chidimma Ibenegbu, who was recently rescued from abduction has narrated how she prayed to God to make her kidnappers fall asleep and how it worked. 

Ibenegbu said the abductors ambushed their bus on the expressway at Ijebu-Ode. Narrating her experience at he church’s conference ground on Saturday, she said the men took them into a forest.

“I prayed to God to make them fall asleep, and they fell asleep and continued to sleep until I began to make my way out of the bush. I was asking God for direction to the road,” she said. 

She had eventually found her way to the road where she met a motorcyclist whom she told her story then he promptly took her to the nearest police checkpoint. 

Upon her interview with the police commissioner, her information was used to rescue the other hostages. 

Another victim, Iroha, who is a son to the late James Iroha of The New Masquerade soap, said: 

“They said they kidnapped us to pay for the cost of bullets expended on a high profile target who escaped from their trap.

They kidnapped and matched us into the forest. We had a tortuous walk of 30km into a jungle. They humiliated and tortured us. We were not given food or water throughout the three days we were held by them. They told us that they don’t have business with us. They said the car they were shooting at drove away. They thus turned back and descended on us. They just picked us randomly.

They said their bullets would not waste just like that and they needed someone to pay for the wasted bullets. That was how they marched us into the bush. Respite came our way when the police surveillance helicopter hovered across the area where they kept us, forcing them to abandon us and fled.’’

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