Governor Fayemi begins public naming of sex offenders in Ekiti state (photos)

Governor Kayode Fayemi has begun the exposing and publishing of convicted sex offenders in Ekiti state as he took to twitter to start with a pedophile.

Fayemi posted a flyer of a man with a description of his crime which was raping a 7 year old. The offender was a reverend at a church in the state.

The flyer also revealed that he was currently serving a five year jail term in prison. Members of the public have commended the new method and asked that it be applied to other crimes as well.

The Governor wrote:

Today, we commence the naming and shaming of convicted sexual offenders in Ekiti State. #SayNotoRape. JKF

See his post and reactions below 

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Amadin Ogbewe

Written by Amadin Ogbewe

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