How I almost died from poison – Rapper Ikechukwu narrates how Uber driver saved his life

Nigerian Rapper Ikechukwu has gone on twitter to narrate how he almost died due to food poisoning and how he was rescued by an Uber driver.

He said he’d been on the toilet for a regular session of bowel evacuation when he started to feel pain in his stomach.

It intensified and when he tried to call several people including his gateman, they had all been unavailable. He had ended up ordering an Uber. The driver had then rushed him to the hospital where he was given prompt treatment that saved his life. 

Read his story below:

So i almost died on Saturday.  

Went to bed early but woke up round 2 cos i felt no.2 coming. Im on the throne waiting for the poop to poop. Omo nothing o but pain in stomach was on a rise. Next thing cramping turns to biting on the inside. To point i couldnt stand. All alone in My house , i start calling random friends. Nobody pick. At this point i strip and put my stomach on my marble floor to cool the temp becos it was blazing hot. And i couldnt move. Pains getting worse and worse. I start vomiting.  At that point i call my gateman to come help me.

That one also didnt pick. Dozing . ???? na so i just order uber. When the guy arrived i had him wake my stupid gateman. He helped me walk to the car and i made it to the hospital near my crib.  I rush inside and collapse. I cant even explain to them so i start pointing. Thank God

The doctor smart. He pumped me with extreme painkillers and antibiotics.  Na so my vision just blurrr and lost feeling in my legs and basically passed out while still conscious if that makes sense to u . So apparently my brother in law who is a gastroenterologist calls back my Missed call and the doctor answers and tells him . Bro inlaw gets my bro and his wife to go pick me from there and take me to another hospital for stomach scans. I dont remember any of that. When they ruled out appendicitis they concluded on acute food poisoning.  Amd moved me to Third hospital where my older sis in law who is in from yankee took over. And resuscitated me to life. My stubborn head forced them to discharge me the following day cos i could see and walk and i hate hospitals. Now the reason im sharing this is the story couldve been different U couldve been reading about my death this weekend. Life is quite unpredictable and precious. We spend so much time chasing after things we believe will provide happiness and comfort but truth is we keep missing out on enjoying life as it is. We have allowed ourselves get lost in A race that can truly never be won cos theres always a bigger better race and we teach ourselves to never be satisfied. All that shit gotta end. Im smelling the roses, im thanking God for keeping me and i am gonna take life easy , appreciate everyrhing as little ad they come.

I pray u all do too. God bless ????????????????????????

See tweets 

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