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A twitter user has gone on the platform to narrate how his boss had punished a colleague after her boyfriend sent a surprise to the place of work.

According to him, a saxophonist had arrived at work and proceeded to put on a show for the birthday girl courtesy of her boyfriend.

Things had however gone awry when the managing director had shown up and shot down the celebrations as he was in a bad mood. He also punished the celebrant with a query.

He wrote:

Yesterday, a guy surprised his babe at her office. He sent a saxophonist to play her a birthday song.

While saxophonist was playing & other staff were awwwing, the company MD walked in, got angry & threw saxophonist out of the office. Birthday girl was issued a query. ???????????? I really didn’t know how to react. ????????

I mean, it is isn’t much of a big deal, you know. Man was just trying to be romantic but MD doesn’t want any of that.

I guess she wasn’t in a good mood sha because this is not the first time they’re celebrating a staff’s birthday

I watched the video with pains in my chest.

It was all “Awwwwwwnn” in one minute, and the next, it was “Who is this? What are you doing here? Hey you, get out of here this minute!!!”

Felt bad for the birthday girl but I felt worse for the saxophonist.

Omo olomo… ????????????

Nahhh, it was the saxophonist that it really pained me for the most.

Baba initially thought it was a prank. E still de blow “paranranranranran”.

LMFAOOOOooo… MD screamed at him, baba quickly put him rusty saxophone inside polybag.

I just de weep! ????????????

Kai, boyfriend was somewhere thinking he has really done something romantic for his babe. God knows how long he’s been planning the surprise.

Baba didn’t know he only helped his babe to chop query.

Pain me!!! ???????????? Be like MD don fight with her husband before she come work.

Mama reach car park de hear staff de scream with that annoying loud sound of saxophone wey dem never oil in a long time.

She caught them all by surprise, see as everybody scatter. ????????????

Imagine everybody singing for you on your birthday Awww here, awwww there.

Meanwhile your office enemies are beefing you over the attention you’re getting, then the MD enters and starts barking at everybody.Office enemies 10-0 You…????????????

Would have been worse if the boyfriend was actually outside waiting for the birthday noise to fizzle out and then he walks in with the main surprise – a proposal ring.

LMFAOoooooo… Wallahi, if na me, I go throw hands. MD go go house with swollen mouth!

Maybe the poor girl never even meet her monthly target.

MD: You’re supposed to be working towards meeting your monthly target, but you’re here collecting cakes and dancing to fere. EYWRN??? AYFBJN???? KFDFYN???


I don’t even know how saxophone guy go collect balance now.

Omo olomo to n wa bi o se ma je kaakiri, dem just go make the guy use head ko skibo.

Pain me for am.

Birthday celebrations turn to query launch. Office come quiet like cemetery


Omo if na me, I will call in sick today wallahi. That shame too much to bear abeg.

I think the MD should apologize sha. At least, for humanity sake. I  also think people overdo this birthday celebration thing. Aseju awon eeyan wa naa poju jare!

Ewo ni fere weyrey paapa???

Kai… I still feel a lump in my throat as I type this. Haaaaa! The embarrassment was just too much. Other staff had to rally around her to save her from the embarrassment. She handled it well too sha but if na me, I go just die there because Iku Ya Ju Echiiiiin Lo!!! ????????????

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