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Popular Ghanaian marriage and relationship counselor, Cyril George Carstensen Lutterodt, has advised married men to feel no guilt in impregnating their maids. 

He rationalized this with existence of infertility or barrenness in the married women. 

He said that the decision to impregnate the maid was a bold one and that such men shouldn’t be judged harshly.

Another reason he gave for the peculiar action was that certain women tend to be bad wives who cause trouble and hence it is not wrong for a man to seek peace with a maid. 

“If a wife is not exhibiting a good character and the maid is doing such, then what makes it wrong for the husband to make a move by going for the maid.

Every man wants peace and so if your wife is not giving you that, and your maid is, then there is nothing wrong with you going in for her”, Counselor Lutterodt added.

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