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Ubi Franklin’s first babymama, Jennifer has gone on instagram to wish her daughter a happy birthday as she claimed she was both father and mother to her. 

She wished her 4-year old daughter, Zaneta a fruitful life and talked about her life as a single mother. 

She wrote:

Today am thankful and grateful to God for giving me the wisdom, Grace and strength to play both role of a father and mother in your life my Amazing blessing. Been a single mom is not something I ever wished for but you came along and you made that job worth fighting for. You are beautiful and smart Girl your hyper activeness(too damn much ????)is on another level but that’s what makes you unique Today my child as you turned @4 I asked nothing else from my Heavenly Father but his continuous blessings and his divine protection over your life ???? Zee you are a shooting star, Nothing compares to you my greatest gift  I love you with my whole life Thank you for making me beautiful Happy birthday and many more years to come UFEDOOJO ???????????????

Ubi Franklin however reacted to the statement as he said that it didn’t imply that he was a deadbeat dad. 

He said that it did not mean he didn’t provide for his daughter. 

He wrote:

That woman did not say I don’t take care of my daughter.

If you read up my post, it shows clearly that I don’t live in America and she does most of the work and doesn’t mean I am not doing my side of the pack.

When a woman says I do father and mother job meaning she is a single mother and lives far away and she does all the correcting from a mother and from father. This doesn’t mean I don’t do my job as a father.

Anyone who reads well will see that her post meant no harm.


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