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Chelsea manager Frank Lampard has reiterated his demand for social media platforms to hold users accountable for online abuse after Kurt Zouma became the latest player to suffer.

The defender was subjected to racist comments on Twitter after his 87th-minute own-goal that handed Sheffield United a point from a 2-2 draw at Stamford Bridge.

Lampard, who staunchly criticised his club’s
fans in the wake of Abraham’s abuse, says the guilty parties have to be held accountable.

“I am probably going over the ground I did with Tammy before,” he said.

“Firstly it is a person that does it, wherever they are hiding from, and secondly we have to look at social media and the platforms and give them some accountability to actually have people register who can be chased down for it.

“I think it is simple, until we get to that, and no matter how horrible that conversation is, we get tired talking about it.

“Until there is some culpability, anyone can say anything to anyone. It’s not just racism, it could be calling them names,homophobia, sexism, it could be anything.

“If we allow it, then unfortunately in modern
society it is out there and it has to be dealt

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