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A bride has been left gasping for breath as she collapsed on her wedding day following the invasion of the ceremony by her groom’s girlfriend. 

The wedding which was to take place at the International Pentecostal Holiness Church was invaded by the jilted girlfriend accompanied by some men.

She had arrived at the alter and seized the microphone from the pastor, where she called out the groom fro deceiving her and demanding that the wedding be stopped. 

PmNews reports that the incident happen during the wedding between one Dele and a certain Blessing. The scorned ex was said to have learnt about the wedding via a Facebook post.

According to reports, Blessing had arrived at 6:30 in the morning and waited till the wedding kicked off at 12pm. 

The disgruntled ex had taken the opportunity to air her grievance when the pastor asked if anyone has a reason the two should not be wed. She had seized the microphone from the pastor and shouted “no! no! this wedding will not hold.”

She revealed that she had been in a relationship with Adele for 7 years and that he had proposed in 2017. She told the congregation that she entered into a covenant with Dele before the church altar where he worshiped.

According to her,

“He (Dele) no longer picked my calls. He abandoned me. Why? What did I do to you?” The new bride was said to have later collapsed, while Dele broke down in tears.

A member of the church corroborated her story as she said:

“Dele attended her birthday few weeks ago. It will surprise you to know that Dele was still going to see that girl at home. Why will you do such such thing when your wedding is around the corner?” 

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