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Afro pop Giant Burna boy, has finally reacted to the xenophobic attacks against Nigerians and other nationalities as he vowed never to return to the country.

The African Giant who had not been on social media himself came online to reveal that he had suffered from xenophobia himself at the hands of South Africans and had not gone back since 2017.

He vowed that he would never return until the government fixed the situation in the country even though he would have preferred one Africa. 

The singer also shared photos of reports about how the Nigerian Government had spent $61billion to free South Africans from the racist group, Apartheid. 

He wrote:

Ok. I have been away from social media personally until today. Ordinarily at a time like this, I should come here and say something to try and calm the situation because my Dream has always been to Unite AFRICA and make us realise that Together we will Literally rule the world…

But Today After watching the Killing of my people in South Africa the same way we have all watched it happen a few times in the past. FUCK ALL THAT!  I personally have had my own xenophobic experiences at the hands of South Africans and because of that…..

I have not set foot in SA since 2017. And I will NOT EVER go to South Africa again for any reason until the SOUTH AFRICAN government wakes the fuck up and really performs A miracle because I don’t know how they can even possibly fix this.

This goes against everything I stand 4, but at what point do we take action? I understand that years of Oppression has confused South Africans to the point where they see the pple who came to their defence during their Oppression as their Enemies and then worship their oppressors

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