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Neymar and Barcelona are set to meet in court, just three weeks after the club’s failed bid to sign him from PSG.

The player and club however will go head to head on 27 September at 10 in the morning in a court room in Barcelona, with Neymar suing Barcelona for 26 million euros, while Barcelona are suing Neymar for 75 million euros.

The case revolves around a 40 million euro bonus Neymar was to receive for signing a new contract with Barcelona just months before he left for Paris, paying (thanks to PSG) his buy-out clause of 222m euros.

Neymar had been paid 14m of the bonus up front, with Barcelona holding the other 26 million when he decided to leave.

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Had the forward returned to the club that brought him from Brazil in 2013, it was
expected that both actions would have been
dropped, but with Neymar staying in Paris, the chapter remains unfinished.

Meanwhile Barcelona are counter-suing the player for 75 million euros for failure to honour his contract.

The court case has already been postponed twice and Neymar, is set to head to the court room with former club Barcelona on September 27,  21 days after failing to re-sign for the La Liga champions.

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