3 Ways Nigerian News has Impacted the World at Large.

What !!!!! How? When? Where? Why?

The masses screamed at by standers for a brief recap of the incident, the need for broadcasting latest happenings became a necessity.

Welcome to the story of Nigerian Newspapers, and news broadcasting platforms locally called Naija News, with an aim of delivering latest Nigerian News.

Undeniably, news is a very efficient means of learning about the cultures of other people, their current locality happenings, safety of an environment among others.

Why Blog on the Latest Nigerian News

With more than 170 million citizens, Nigeria is Africa’s most populous country and the 8th most populous in the world.  The next African country to come close is Ethiopia with a population number of 84 million persons. That is just about half of the Nigerian population.

With so much persons seeking to know the latest happenings and news, venturing into the Nigerian News market is a great opportunity to expose your brand nationally and globally.

With more than 250 ethnic groups and 3 dominant tribes: the Ibo (Igbo), Hausa- Fulani, and Yoruba which make up 18%, 29%, and 21% respectively, blogging in any of this niche will draw trusted Naija News fan base. So it is a cool idea.

The Joy of Nigerian Newspapers Vendors

Is there any joy being a Nigerian newspaper vendor ?
If you say no joy, what about selling out over 100’s of Newspaper daily to happy smiling customers and desperate news finders?

Nigeria currently boast of over 100 different Newspaper companies who never fail to deliver latest update.

Obviously, we are eager to read, they are eager to sell, that is an amazing market plan.

Naija News – An Indigenous Name

If the word Nigeria is shortened, it will be pronounced at Niger. But it is pronounced as Naija and it is
indigenously accepted, Why?

Alternatively, like a nick name it is also called “9Ja”, sounds rhyming with “Naija”.

Clearly, it sounds similar when pronounced and Nigerians commonly accept it.

So, apart from focusing on latest Nigerian News saga, and the indigenous name, Naija News, let focus on something else.

A survey by xycinews reveals that every 20 newly created sites today, 1 has Naija or 9ja attached to it. This is due to the strong feeling and believe that it will drive Nigerians as a primary targeted source of traffic.

Dockaysworld Stand on the Nigerian News Industry.

Fake news is like a poison in the internet community. Sometimes, news from third hand individuals or group might fine tune a situation to what they feel and mislead the mass. And other times, this Information is not verified.

We at Dockaysworld would always keep our readers updated with the latest and well verified news.


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